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Russian Elections Failure, Farce and Falsification

“Putin’s power is weakened”, “Communists gain seats in the Duma” screamed the headlines on Monday. Dramatic? Yes. Is THAT the story? No. Not even close. Unfortunately for Russia’s young democracy, the real story is far more sensational. The real story … Continue reading

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Easy Transition From FaceBook to Google+

Trying to free your friends from jail a.k.a. Facebook?  Not so easy!  Facebook makes it very hard to export anything, presumably to keep people from leaving. After all, re-creating a list of hundreds of people on another social network is … Continue reading

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Google+ Runs Circles Around Facebook

Lots has been written about Google+ but I haven’t seen a good explanation of Circles. It’s a revolutionary development for mainstream social engagement, and I think it’s worth explaining it a little better. Let’s compare Circles to Facebook Friends. Most … Continue reading

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