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The Advantages of Google Gmail over Microsoft Exchange

Only a three short months ago I was a happy user of Google Apps for Business at a company which shall remain nameless. Unfortunately, many (if not all) good things must come to an end, and we went through a … Continue reading

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Easy Transition From FaceBook to Google+

Trying to free your friends from jail a.k.a. Facebook?  Not so easy!  Facebook makes it very hard to export anything, presumably to keep people from leaving. After all, re-creating a list of hundreds of people on another social network is … Continue reading

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Google+ Runs Circles Around Facebook

Lots has been written about Google+ but I haven’t seen a good explanation of Circles. It’s a revolutionary development for mainstream social engagement, and I think it’s worth explaining it a little better. Let’s compare Circles to Facebook Friends. Most … Continue reading

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If You Build It …

… they will come.  Or will they?  Lots of great new web-based products and mobile apps are getting built every day.  Also, lots of not so great ones.  And everything in between.  Building an app oftentimes is the easy part. … Continue reading

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