I am a web products geek at heart and the founder of LeanWagon, a start-up that is helping people start eating healthy for life and achieve a healthy weight as a result.

Creating and launching web-based software products is a lot of fun, and I have been fortunate to work with some great people over the past 13 years and was involved in creating some hugely successful products, as well as some monumental flops. I started by working on CompleteCase, an online paralegal service. I then spent 7 years at ZoomInfo, where we created a hugely successful product for recruiters and an SEO directory that drove millions of monthly visitors.

After a long tenure at Zoom, I then spent a year in snowy Utah as a product manager working for Venafi, an encryption management company, where we built a product that automatically discovered and renewed SSL certificates. I then came back to Boston and worked for Plum.com, a social networking site for groups, which was acquired by Nokia. I also helped launch GreatNonProfits.org. After that I co-founded and served as the CEO of AsisChem, a chemistry services company with teams in US and Russia. Despite the biotech downturn and stiff Asian competition, we built up a profitable business with over 30 employees worldwide.

After 2 years in the world of pharma and medicinal chemistry, I decided to get back to technology and web products.  I joined NetProspex in 2010 and worked on innovative new products in the sales and marketing automation space. While there, I developed a passion for eating better and as I and my co-founder, Dean Hantzis, lost weight together, we decided to start LeanWagon.


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