Are online CRM systems secure?

Some companies would never consider putting their business information into an online CRM system and prefer on-premise solutions. They haven’t yet seen the full benefits of having their sales data available via an internet connection, accessed from anywhere rather than just from the office. Concerns about the security and availability of cloud-based data are understandable, but are they really justified? Are online CRM systems secure or not? Are they reliable?

Regarding data security, in many cases it is actually safer to keep your data in a web-based CRM, simply because on-premise solutions are often not monitored properly and can become the target of computer worms and viruses. Without the proper security, it could be straightforward for an experienced hacker to break into your local network. Decent cloud-based CRM systems implement industry security standards and encryption techniques. It is good practice to ask your CRM supplier to provide their security and availability disclaimer to make sure they comply with best practices. Editorial comment: It is also critical that CRM data backups are performed regularly.

In terms of availability, most online CRM systems provide 24×7 access and up time. It is unlikely that unscheduled downtimes will occur on a reliable system and sound hosting. The truth is that in-house hardware and networks are often not as closely monitored and may be much more likely to crash in comparison with cloud-based systems. Sometimes managers think that shared server/cloud solutions means limited connectivity. This is not the case since these days servers are almost never bogged down by multiple users, and the situation is being constantly improved as Internet speeds grow every day.

There is another security issue a company should be aware of which is solved to an extent by online systems. Where an employee is leaving their job, he or she may try to copy customer data and in the case of on-premise CRM systems, an IT savvy employee may easily be able to steal without being noticed a database stored on office servers. In contrast, it is easier to prevent wholesale data theft with cloud solutions by ensuring that employees don’t have API access.

While at first glance it seems to be safer to have a CRM in-house, it is not the case anymore. Online CRM solutions actually prove to be more secure, reliable and even more cost effective.

This post is provided by OnePage CRM Sales blog. OnePage CRM is an online CRM software designed exclusively for small business – it keeps core CRM functions on one page, ensuring continued everyday usage. Intuitive one-page screen maintains a live list of your customers with associated actions you need to take to effectively follow up with them and bring every single contact forward towards a sale.

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