If You Build It …

… they will come.  Or will they?  Lots of great new web-based products and mobile apps are getting built every day.  Also, lots of not so great ones.  And everything in between.  Building an app oftentimes is the easy part.  Then what?  Well, this is what this blog is all about: answering that question, and many others related to thinking and process both before, during and after you build something.
Think of this as a checklist:
[  ] Will they come?
[  ] How will they know about it?
[  ] How will they get to it?
[  ] What will they say?
[  ] Will they stay?
[  ] Will they pay?
[  ] Will they come back?
[  ] Will they tell others to come?
[  ] Who are “they”?
Ask these during every stage of app creation.  If you don’t know how to answer some of them, get help, including this blog.
I will be focusing on web and mobile and also cover some of the hot new platform technologies.   I will review new apps and provide unsolicited feedback to their creators and to their users.  I will also tackle some general topics that may help app developers in their quest to become the next Zynga, FourSquare or Twitter.
Some of the upcoming topics are:
– Glocal (Geo/Local) apps: who wins?
– LinkedIn’s new “Executive” product
– Developer conference with a slogan “No Software”.  Huh?
– Evernote: narrow focus, big idea.
– Heroku takes cloud hosting to another level
– Car sharing is heating up
– Analytics: what is really needed
– Know your audience with bizographics
I’ll do my best to post weekly.  I welcome everybody’s feedback, positive and negative – feel free to comment or tweet @grublev
Let’s get started!
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One Response to If You Build It …

  1. Arthur says:

    Thanks for your insights Greg, FourSquare is a tough sell for me as well.

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